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RV Service

RV Service in Abbotsford, BC

The Big Three Service Special - Annual

  • Bearing Repack
  • Gas Test and Appliance Test
  • Sealant Inspection

An inspection report will be completed and any issues or areas of concern will be noted.

Tandem Axle $947.16 plus parts and tax (Regularly $1,052.40) 

Single Axle $794.32 plus parts and tax (Regularly $854.10) 

Spring Service Special - Annual

Our Spring Service Special includes inspection of the major components of your RV to ensure all systems are functioning correctly or individual systems can be inspected.

  • Dewinterize
  • Plumbing Check (fill fresh tank, and pressurize plumbing system)
  • Bearing Repack
  • Gas Test and Appliance Test
  • Sealant Inspection
  • Electrical Check

An inspection report will be completed and any issues or areas of concern will be noted.

Tandem Axle $1,399.99 plus tax (regularly $1,526.75) 

Single Axle $1,262.31 plus tax (regularly $1,328.75) 

Dewinterize - Annual

  • Flush antifreeze out of the system
  • Put water heater bypass into summer mode
  • Put plug back into water heater
  • Run water through plumbing system including shower(s), toilet(s) and faucet(s)
  • Water system pressure test

$144.99 plus tax

Plumbing Test - Annual

  • Test water pump
  • Pressurize plumbing system
  • Flood fresh water tank and test for leaks
  • Pressurize city water system

Ensuring your system is pressurized and checked for any signs of leaks after being parked for the winter.

$189.74 plus tax

Add $179.00 if you would like black and grey tanks flooded and tested for leaks.

Bearing Repack and Brake Inspection - Annual

  • Complete removal of wheels and drums for brake access and inspection
  • Inspection of brake shoes for wear, excessive cracking, and brake contamination
  • Test magnet operation
  • Adjustment of brakes, if required
  • Removal and inspection of inner and outer bearings
  • Replacement of grease seals and repack bearings using a quality automotive grease
  • Inspection of suspension system including bushings, equalizer, and springs
  • Inspection of tires for condition and wear
  • Top up tire pressure including the spare, if required

Ensuring you are ready for many miles ahead on the road to a worry-free journey. (Please see your owner's manual for more details)

Single Axle $418.00 plus tax - includes grease, grease seals and shop materials

Tandem Axle $616.00 plus tax- includes grease, grease seals and shop materials

Gas Test and Appliance Test - Annual

  • Inspection of regulator and hoses, adjust pressure if required
  • Inspection of propane tanks
  • Propane operation test of furnace, fridge, water heater, oven, and stovetop
  • Clean fridge and water heater burners
  • Gas leak test, checking lock up pressure and operating pressure
  • Inspection of propane detectors

$246.66 plus tax

Sealant Check - Twice a year or as per Manufacturer

  • Inspection of all skylights, vents, and plumbing stacks
  • Check roof seals
  • Check roof for soft spots and membrane
  • Check all body seals
  • Check for delamination
  • Check all compartments, where accessible
  • Check interior floor for softness
  • Check in all cabinets, where accessible
  • Check ceiling, where accessible
  • Check wall panels, where accessible
  • Check underbelly where it is exposed for signs of water entry

Each manufacturer has their own maintenance schedule - please refer to your owner's manual

$189.74 plus tax

Electrical Check - Annual

  • Test all 110V outlets
  • Check shore power for charge
  • Test all on board 12V systems
  • Check battery condition including water level and connections
  • Check for any abnormal draws on systems

The power systems in your RV are the heart of all your components. Let us check through to ensure you are operating at full efficiency.

$284.61 plus tax

The above pricing and services are based on Standard Travel trailers and 5th wheels. More time will be required for Class A's or out of the ordinary access to systems.

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