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RV Parts and Accessories

RV Parts and Accessories Getaway RV Centre in Abbotsford, BC

Get your new camper road-ready with Get-Away RV's parts and accessories checklist


Alright, you've found the trailer of your dreams, signed the paperwork and packed up your clothes and food - you're ready to go, right? Well, not quite yet! The vast majority of trailers, campers and motorhomes can't be driven straight off the lot and right into the BC wilderness without some prep-work first. In order to travel safely, comfortably and treat your new investment with the TLC that will keep it in tip-top shape, there are several essential parts and accessories that you'll need to stock up on. Take a look at Get-Away RV's Parts and Accessories Checklist to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy life in your new RV to the fullest!


When you're in the BC backcountry, you need to be prepared for emergencies. All RVs should have a well-stocked emergency kit on board that covers a wide range of potential situations, from break-downs, to unpredictable weather, to an unforeseen accident. Essential emergency supplies should include at least the following:

A standard roadside emergency kit for your vehicle

A well-stocked tool kit (minimum 100-piece kit)

Spare tire for your RV plus an RV tire repair kit (a portable air compressor is also handy for tire-related issues for both your vehicle and your RV)

Fire extinguisher, axe, tarp, shovel, flares, flashlights and a backup battery source

A standard and well-stocked first-aid kit

Extra water, blankets, thermal clothing and non-perishable food items

Plenty of backup fire-starter logs or pucks is highly recommended