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Sprinter/Promaster Demo Van

Options include:

Euro 2 sided hard surface cabinets and galley. Durable surfaces protect cabinetry from humidity and bumps, rubber and aluminum radius edges, and corners keep your van looking new longer. OEM grey colour is standard, or you can special order anything from maple to snakeskin!

Slide-out mini pantry, made with marine type plywood, and self-closing tracks.

Push and lock cabinet latches that positively lock doors for travel, and allow for easy use during camp time. Euro hinges keep a clean look, and all drawers are a full extension glide.

Model 2175 Floorplan on 144WB Sprinter

The Get-Away 2175 configuration works in the Sprinter 144 and the 170. These photos show interior features of a Sprinter 144

Options include:

Suburban 6 gallon water heater

Rear "U" shaped dinette as opposed to a standard flow-through dinette

Exterior shower

access via rear doors

A rear garage/storage area with an overhead bed can be installed in place of the rear dinette

The 2175 layout is probably the most efficient use of space for any van. That is why it accounts for the majority of our work

Like a house, you need a plan. With the Get-Away 2175, the planning is done in advance for you.

Model 2175 Floorplan on a 170 WB Sprinter

Get-Away's clean and sturdy interiors are the perfect mix of function and warmth. Solid maple surfaces are moisture protected below and behind for long-lasting protection against West Coast weather

Overhead cabinetry is reinforced with a steel and rivet mounting system, all walls and ceiling are carefully insulated for sound as well as for temperature protection

This particular 170WB van is fitted with a rear flush toilet system and rear divider walls. An optional Webasto diesel heater has been efficiently parked under the rear seat to optimize storage space.

Toy Hauler Rear Garage Options

If you need a place to throw equipment, bikes or w.h.y. These rear garage options may be the ticket

We can do variations of these units, this would include a bed that collapses to open the whole van up for cargo. Notice one van has a furnace installed in the rear area, another has a power converter, a power inverter, and a battery bank installed in the side boxes. Access openings have been made on each unit where space is available to store camping or sports equipment. Also, notice the center section is removable to haul large items.

These options can be installed in conjunction with the 2175 galley unit.

Daytripper Sprinters with Factory Interiors

An example of a marriage between a Sprinter factory headliner and some custom work from Get-Away. The first van in the photos was up-fitted with a small fridge as well as provisions to secure a medical oxygen tank and a wheelchair.,

The second van was up-fitted with Mercedes looking overhead cabinets, two lower travel tables and a flip-up change table at the base of the factory bench seat

If you have a Sprinter that already has a factory liner that you would like to keep intact, we understand

Let us take a look we may have the solution!

The Galley One Cabinet for the DIY'er

The "Galley One" van cabinet has evolved from 30 plus years of custom campervan work

For any home, there must be a plan. That's why this well thought out cabinet allows you to make the most out of your campervan conversion. Let us do the tough stuff.

This package includes proper installation for fridges, furnace, stove, power centre, battery, and water system.

Chevrolet and Ford Camper Vans

The following pictures show the possibilities of using a Ford or Chevrolet full-size van

The Chev in the photos features a Get-Away fibreglass top

The Ford is a standard van with no top, very compact and may be very useful where overhead height is an issue. It features a good size solid bed with a compact galley unit. If you don't mind "keeping low" this may be a consideration.

Van Tops for Ford and Chevrolet

Quality fibreglass raised roofs are available for Ford and Chevrolet vans Van tops will vary in shape depending on year and model of van

Options include:

Colour exterior graphics
Fibreglass smooth interior liner
Finish quality transition ledge
Van top sliding windows
Power roof vents
Interior lights

Solar, Invertors and Electrical Power Systems for your Van

You may or may not be planning for a full campervan. However, you will need to start off with a power system of some type. If you are only going to be dry camping, a good battery and solar charging system will be in order. You may also be in need of a power converter with a power inlet, or a power inverter. Confused? don't worry we will help you sort it out. Also please refer to "components for vans" write up page.

A Variety of Popular Appliances and Components for your Van

How to choose the right equipment for your van. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Ask the professionals at Get-Away. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

This slideshow shows examples of a variety of appliances and components including Euro Dometic cooktops, Webasto diesel heaters, Suburban propane furnaces, Norcold refrigerators and much more

Water Systems for your van including Tanks, Pumps, Sinks, Toilets

We can fit your van with a water system that suits your camping lifestyle. We have the equipment to custom spin fittings into plastic tanks and know how to install flush toilets, water pumps, exterior water fillers, exterior showers and lots more. If it's possible, we will make it happen.

Ideas for Cabinets, Tables, Dinettes, Beds and more

Our timeless solid maple cabinets give a combination function and warmth. Dinette units convert to very comfortable flat beds.

Custom tables are available in any size.

Awnings, Ladders, Running boards, Screens

Crank out box awnings allow for easy one person operation.

Screen door systems can be installed for side and rear doors.

Window Treatments, Windows, and Vents

Our window treatment systems include a poly insulated core and fit each window specifically. They are foldable for easy storage and install in minutes.

Get-Away window treatments provide almost total darkness at night, then are removed later for maximum driving visibility and safety.

Get-Away windows for Sprinters can be ordered to look as factory glass. Check for options like opening screened tilt outs.

Other windows include flat framed RV type windows with horizontal screened sliders. Check with Get-Away to see what window style is right for you.

Our History of our Specialty Projects

We love small RVs these were fun projects we do when we have some time off! All of this helps us hone our new skills we can apply to our "first love" Campervans!

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