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Get your new camper road-ready with Get-Away RV’s parts and accessories checklist

Your Next Big Adventure Awaits!

Alright, you’ve found the trailer of your dreams, signed the paperwork and packed up your clothes and food - you’re ready to go, right? Well, not quite yet! The vast majority of trailers, campers and motorhomes can’t be driven straight off the lot and right into the BC wilderness without some prep-work first. In order to travel safely, comfortably and treat your new investment with the TLC that will keep it in tip-top shape, there are several essential parts and accessories that you’ll need to stock up on. Take a look at Get-Away RV’s Parts and Accessories Checklist to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy life in your new RV to the fullest!

Stock Your Emergency Kit

When you’re in the BC backcountry, you need to be prepared for emergencies. All RVs should have a well-stocked emergency kit on board that covers a wide range of potential situations, from break-downs, to unpredictable weather, to an unforeseen accident. Essential emergency supplies should include at least the following:

checkmarkA standard roadside emergency kit for your vehicle

checkmarkA well-stocked tool kit (minimum 100-piece kit)

checkmarkSpare tire for your RV plus an RV tire repair kit (a portable air compressor is also handy for tire-related issues for both your vehicle and your RV)

checkmarkFire extinguisher, axe, tarp, shovel, flares, flashlights and a backup battery source

checkmarkA standard and well-stocked first-aid kit

checkmarkExtra water, blankets, thermal clothing and non-perishable food items

checkmarkPlenty of backup fire-starter logs or pucks is highly recommended

RV Plumbing Supplies

RVs have unique and somewhat sensitive plumbing, so it’s essential to use the right products for your unit to avoid any, uh, messy situations. You’ll need high-quality sewage hoses connected to your blue and grey water tanks before you can use the plumbing, and it’s a good idea to keep a replacement RV sewer connection, hoses and attachments onboard at all times. You’ll also need RV-specific toilet paper that’s safe for your plumbing systems, and RV-specific antifreeze (the pink stuff!) for winterizing your RV during the off-season.

Getting Ready to Tow and Travel

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, there are mechanical accessories you’ll need to consider before you can head out to explore the Fraser Valley and beyond. If you’re purchasing a fifth-wheel trailer, you’ll need to install a specific fifth-wheel hitch that’s capable of towing this unique style of RV, and many SUVs and trucks need to be outfitted with an upgraded hitch or towing package in order to safely haul an RV. If you purchase a larger unit, you’ll also need a kit for installing brake, signal or towing lights. It’s a great idea to put reflectors on the sides of your unit, and side-mirror extenders for added visibility.

RV Accessories for Comfort and Fun

Let’s not forget that RV camping is, above everything else, loads of fun! There is a wide variety of RV accessories that can add that extra element of comfort and convenience to your next big adventure, including favourites from our Abbotsford RV community such as:

checkmarkAn awning for staying cool, dry, and keeping the bugs out

checkmarkPortable camping chairs and tables

checkmarkOutdoor BBQ and accessories (there is nothing quite like grilling in the great outdoors!)

checkmarkLighting options like outdoor solar lights, indoor twinkle lights and flameless candles are perfect for both safety and ambiance.

checkmarkSplurge-worthy linens, camping clothes and slippers made of 100% wool or fleece

checkmarkBoard games, puzzles, binoculars and a selection of books and magazines

checkmarkA compact and high-efficiency espresso machine (because, well, coffee).

Order RV Parts and Accessories From Get-Away RV

For everything from roadside safety to campground fun, Get-Away RV has the essential parts and accessories you need to get your new camper, trailer or motorhome ready for adventure. Our job doesn’t just stop when we order the accessories you need - our Service Department is here to help with installation, demonstrating how various systems work, or simply to answer your questions. Stay safe and have fun in your new RV with the right parts and accessories from Get-Away RV!


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