What Is A Van Conversion?

camper with the back doors open, showing the comfy insides of a home.

So, you’re interested in learning all about the world of van conversions! Have your nomadic friends been gushing about their new vans, and now you want to know what all the hype is about? Or perhaps you’ve seen the term #vanlife trending all over social media, and curiosity led you to this page? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place! For us here at Get-Away RV, #Vanlife is more than just a hashtag; it’s a lifestyle that opens up your worldview in numerous ways.

A van conversion refers to outfitting a full-sized cargo van with a multitude of luxuries that ultimately turn it into a fully liveable residential vehicle. Conversion vans are typically smaller than a motorhome but full of cozy comfort. They are generally outfitted to include a shower, flush toilet, generator, and sleeping quarters. Aside from converting your van to a liveable motorhome, van conversions can also be outfitted for a variety of uses, such as into office vans, shuttle vans, commercial vans, and wheelchair accessibility vans.

What’s Involved in a Van Conversion?

  • Electricity. If you want to use your appliances, install lighting, or charge your phone, you’ll need to ensure access to electricity. Typically, van conversions entail utilizing generators, solar panels, and battery banks, as well as wires, cables, and fuses.
  • Plumbing. Don’t think that living in a van conversion means you’ll be roughing it out without any running water. Getting proper plumbing in place is essential and ends up being relatively easy to install, allowing you to cook meals or take a potty break whenever you need!
  • Heating and Ventilation. To regulate airflow, roof vents are a necessary component of van conversions. You will want to insulate the walls, floor, and ceiling for temperature control during those cold nights. You’ll also need to consider how you can run the fuel lines through your van to connect to your heater or propane tank.
  • Sleeping Quarters. The best part about van life? You can sleep in it! When figuring out your sleeping space, be sure to keep in mind the layout and surface area of the van build. There are two main bed designs: a platform bed and a convertible bed. Both will require you to get your mattress cut before installation.
  • Costs. Finally, you might be wondering, “How much will a van conversion run me?” Costs will vary depending on your van and your personal needs as a van-lifer. But provided you already have a van, conversions can generally range from $15,000 to upwards of $50,000. Although you might see some DIY van builds that cost as little as $5000. Keep in mind that in order to live comfortably and safely in your converted van, you won’t want to compromise on quality materials and proper installation.

Get-Away RV Welcomes You to the #VanLife!

Now that you’ve gotten this far, we’ll bet you’re thinking of turning your dreams of living the #VanLife into a reality! If so, our experts at Get-Away RV are here to give you all of the support you need to complete your van conversion project. Whether you need a little help with the more technical aspects of your build or want us to guide you through the entire project, we’ll make sure you hit the road in a converted van that’s reliable, liveable, and ready for adventure!

Still need more information? Feel free to check out some of our how-to-videos, recent blog posts, or give us a call to chat with one of our van conversion experts about everything your project will entail and how we can walk you through the process!

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