Which RV Brand is Right for Me?

By: Get-Away RV   |   20 Jul 2020
best RV brand for your lifestyle

Looking to become an RV owner, but suffering from decision overload? We get it! The world of RVs is vast, and there are seemingly endless possibilities out there to choose from when it comes to RV brands, models, sizes, layouts and features. Having selection is important, since everyone’s goals and needs are so different, but there are ways to help shoppers simplify the decision-making process.

That’s why we’re breaking down our most popular RV brands on the blog today! Each brand typically specializes in certain RV specifics, such as type (how you’ll tow it), all-season units, large and luxurious options, or lightweight models. Get-Away RV is proud to offer the biggest selection of RV manufacturers in the Lower Mainland, making us the premier RV dealership for shoppers from Abbotsford, Langley and neighbouring communities.

RV Brands Best for: Big BC Families

For most of our staff, our fond memories of time spent in the family RV as kids is what continues to fuel our passion for helping new families find the perfect trailer. When you’re camping with the whole crew, small details will go a long way, and things like space, layout, versatility and storage are vitally important. Brands like Coachmen (with over 55 years in business!) and Lance have enough experience in the RV biz to understand exactly what families need while they’re on the road, and are backed by a history of quality that makes them a top choice for families who require the utmost in dependability. They also offer a wide range of layouts and sizes to suit various needs, whether it’s a quiet slideout where the baby can sleep or a kitchen that’s big enough to prepare gorgeous dinners for your hungry family.

northern spirit - kitchen & dining

Sure, family trips in an RV sounds great - but can also sound like a lot of work, right? If camping with the whole crew sounds daunting, we recommend checking out a brand like Northern Spirit, whose mission is to bring more people into the great outdoors by creating trailers that take the guesswork and planning out of the equation. These units are stocked with creature comforts, like larger appliances, pet-friendly features and even built-in espresso machines, that simplify your day-to-day while you’re on the road. Camping should be about relaxation and fun, so let your RV take care of the tough stuff and get ready to start making family memories!

rv for big families










RV Brands Best for: West Coast Couples On-The-Go

Whether you’re a young couple or retirees, you’ll have plenty of options for taking on big adventures in a smaller package. Shop brands like Aliner, Sunset Park, Little Guy and Helio for lightweight campers that are easy to tow, easy to park and easy on the budget. These units are designed to provide a compact camping experience that’s still big on comfort. Check out our companion guide to towing lightweight campers and trailers, as many of these units can easily be hauled without a truck.

For the ultimate in true mobile living, talk to our experts about our converted vans. #VanLife is growing in popularity across the West Coast, and here at Get-Away we are passionate about the options for minimalist living and maximum adventuring that converted vans provide. You can browse our inventory of ready-to-drive sprinter vans, or chat with our experts about taking on your own van conversion project. We also have plenty of resources on van conversions available on our blog to get you started!

RV Brands Best for: Canadian Adventurists

Even though we can count on generally temperate weather here on the West Coast, we’re still Canadians and need to be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way! If you’ve caught the 365-day adventurers bug, then brands like Bigfoot RV and Travelaire (manufactured in Alberta) may provide the perfect camper for your needs. These brands offer plenty of all-season units that can withstand the elements, yet still feature ergonomic and lightweight designs for ease of travel. Don’t forget that your converted van can also be upfitted to survive and thrive in the cold - just ask us about how to convert your van for winter!

safari condo

Many West Coasters are committed to living a greener way of life, which is why we stock plenty of units from brands like Safari Condo, whose mission is to help create a sustainable future where humans live harmoniously with our environment. Check out some of the most environmentally friendly RVs on the market, and set out for adventure feeling good about your conscientious RV purchase.

Get-Away RV is Where the Lower Mainland Goes for RVs!

Here at Get-Away RV, we carry more RV brands than any other dealership in the Lower Mainland, so that we can help every single customer find the perfect camper or trailer for their needs. We’re not interested in just sending people off in any ol’ RV - we want to help folks who visit us from Abbotsford and surrounding communities make an educated decision, and drive away in a unit that they truly love. Browse our massive inventory of Canada’s most popular RV brands, and come visit us at our Abbotsford dealership for a private viewing of the models that will work best for you!


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