Summer Has Arrived: Camping Safely in BC in 2020

By: Get-Away RV   |   17 Jun 2020
camping safely in bc summer 2020

Yes, you heard that right: camping season has arrived in BC! After much worry throughout the spring over the fate of the summer camping in BC, it’s been deemed safe to reopen provincial parks, beaches and campgrounds across the province. Although we can still look forward to RV and van adventures this summer, there will be many changes in place that travellers will have to adhere to, and at Get-Away RV we’ve been busy helping folks from Abbotsford and across Southern BC get ready for the post-pandemic camping season. Here’s what we know about camping safely in BC this summer.

Camping and Covid in British Columbia

On June 1st, the majority of parks, beaches and campgrounds reopened across the province. There was an initial frenzy to book campsites, but now that the excitement has subsided there are still plenty of campgrounds left to book throughout July, August and September. BC Parks has worked diligently to put new rules and regulations into place so that people can enjoy the great outdoors safely in 2020, including:

• BC parks and campgrounds are only open to BC residents. Folks are encouraged to stay local - luckily for us, we have endless options for RV and van adventures just a short drive outside of Abbotsford! You can book campsites through Discover Camping, and stay up-to-date on information affecting specific parks for everything from Covid to wildfires via the official BC Parks website.

• Practice adequate hygiene, including hand washing, keeping your campsite clean, and staying home if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. We can only enjoy the BC 2020 camping season if our community continues to be diligent about their health!

• Be respectful of social distancing measures while you camp and travel. It’s still recommended that you stay relatively isolated to your pod of close family members or friends that you’ll be camping with, and be sure to act with caution at any local shops or grocery stores that you venture into.

Get-Away Can Help You Prepare for Self-Sufficient RV Camping

Although parks and campgrounds are open, many shared facilities will remain closed for the rest of the year, which means you need to be prepared to be fully reliant on your trailer, camper, motorhome or converted van for survival. This could be new to a lot of campers, but the Get-Away team is here to help set you up for success! So what is self-sufficient camping? You’ll want to consider things like:



• You’ll need access to freshwater, bathroom facilities, laundry and shower, food prep, and waste storage/disposal onboard your unit.

• Try to minimize garbage and waste as much as possible - how green can you go?!

• Adequate storage will be essential. You need enough food, clothing, blankets, tools, coffee(!) and emergency supplies to essentially live off the grid. Many campground tuck shops won’t reopen, and businesses across BC that were severely hit by the economic fallout of the pandemic may be permanently closed. Although it’s unlikely, ere on the side of caution and pack up your unit as if you won’t be able to access any supplies over the course of your trip.

• Consider how much space you’ll need onboard. If it’s just you and your partner, you might be just fine in a converted van. Larger families will want to ensure that everyone has enough personal space to fully enjoy the trip. Our team can help you decide which unit is right for your needs, and find one that fits within your budget.

• Think about the future: airline travel may be limited for a long time, so consider your new RV as an investment in your future. Will you be using your trailer all year as a means to enjoy some much needed holiday time? Perhaps you should consider purchasing an all-season trailer! Our staff can walk you through your options.

Get-Away RV is Your Premier Source for all Things RVs, Vans and Camping in Southern BC!

We know that you might still have a lot of questions, and we are here to help! Whether you’re trading up your current unit, want to purchase a new RV, are working on a van conversion project, need to schedule RV services or have questions about where to camp and how to do it safely in our post-Covid world, our knowledgeable team can guide you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, concerns and needs - the Get-Away RV team can’t wait to help you get adventuring in BC this summer!




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