How to Park Any RV

By: Get-Away RV   |   05 Feb 2020
RV camping in wilderness

When you’re RV camping, it’s hard to think about much besides getting to your destination, jumping into the lake and firing up the barbeque! But before all of the fun, snacks and relaxation begins, you’ll need to get your RV parked and levelled. Maneuvering your new 25-foot trailer may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and practice it’ll become second nature before the first long weekend of the summer arrives. Our experienced team of adventurers at Get Away RV have rounded up some of the best tips and tricks to help you park your RV with ease in British Columbia this season.

BC’s RV Campgrounds Will Set You up for Parking Success

More than likely, you’ll be parking your RV at a designated campground. RV campgrounds have many benefits, such as water and electricity hookups, additional helpful amenities like laundry machines, fire pits, picnic tables, a general store, the opportunity to meet other campers and families and accessible RV parking. When you make a reservation for your site, you will typically be given all of the helpful information you need to park safely, including the dimensions of your lot, the condition of roads inside the park and information about low-hanging tree branches. If you are nervous about parking your camper, there are plenty of accommodating RV campgrounds within a short drive of Abbotsford, such as Eagle Wind RV Park in Aldergrove, that have private sites (so that even in a worst-case scenario you might just knick a tree instead of somebody else’s RV), pre-levelled parking pads, well-maintained roads that will give you plenty of space to practice your parking skills and sites that allow for pull-through parking. There are dozens of beautiful campgrounds within driving distance of Abbotsford that will give you a great chance at RV parking success and offer plenty of opportunities to explore all that BC as to offer.

If you are more interested in taking the road less travelled, your RV will most certainly be a willing companion in helping you explore British Columbia’s many rugged hiking trails. When it comes to parking your RV during backroad camping trips, a few tips to keep in mind include:

• Overnight RV parking on the side of roads is prohibited in many cities. Be sure to check local bylaws before you settle in for the night parked on a city street.

• Day-use areas at Canadian National and Provincial Parks strictly prohibit overnight parking.

• Highway rest stops often discourage overnight parking, though many of them do not post “no camping” signs, so can work in a pinch.

• If you are exhausted and need a place to rest, Walmart parking lots have been parking havens for many a weary traveller. Just be respectful of the store’s opening hours and not taking up dedicated parking spots when the lot starts to fill with shoppers.

• There is plenty of backroad camping to be discovered in BC, with opportunities to park outside of National and Provincial Parks. These roads are often unpaved and can require confident driving skills, so always keep an eye on weather patterns, check local road conditions, be wary of animals, travel with an adequate safety kit and leave the area exactly as you found it.

So How do I Actually Park my Trailer?!

No matter what, parking a trailer will always be a little tricky, but there is one major strategy that has been used by thousands of drivers to greatly improve their RV parking skills. If you take the same approach to backing your trailer into a spot as you do your car, you’re likely to not have enough clearance for the trailer to make the turn it needs to on its axis. When you’re approaching the spot, you can use a method where you make a sharp turn towards the spot before pulling back out. This helps change the direction of the trailer, so that when you start backing in your trailer needs far less clearance to get into the spot. A picture (or video!) says a thousand words, which is why we’ve attached this short tutorial on parking an RV that helps solidify the mechanics of how your car and RV are working together. Having somebody stand outside of the vehicle to help guide you is also one of your best chances for success. Team work makes the dream work!

Purchasing a new travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel or toy hauler is an exciting time, so don’t let your fears about RV parking hold you back from taking on new camping adventures! With a little bit of practice and some planning, you’ll be an RV parking expert in no time. The team here at Get Away RV is happy to assist in any way we can, so give us a call or drop by our Abbotsford dealership to chat about all things RV!


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