The Quick & Easy Way to Level a Travel Trailer

By: Get-Away RV   |   26 Jun 2019

An unlevel trailer will be wobbly and unstable, and in some situations it can be unsafe. Luckily, levelling a travel trailer only takes a few minutes if you know the right tricks. Read on to learn about how you can quickly and easily level your travel trailer so you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time doing work.

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Pick a Spot

The spot you pick can make the leveling process much easier or much more difficult. Try to find a spot with level ground and plenty of parking room. Finding a level spot may not always be possible in packed RV parks, but if you can show up earlier in the day or make a reservation, look for the spots that are already flat.

Level Laterally

The first part you’ll need to level is the lateral direction, the axis you can see when standing directly behind the trailer. The way to do this is to park your trailer about two feet in front of where you want it to eventually rest and then to take a measurement using a level. Set the level across the tongue and start to estimate how much it needs to change. Then, take blocks, pieces of wood, or leveling platforms and place them in their respective locations. Next, back the trailer up onto the blocks and measure the level again. Repeat this process as necessary, adding or subtracting blocks as needed, until you finally have that axis level. (One quick note: make sure the levelling blocks you choose are as wide or wider than your tires. If they’re too narrow, they’ll put stress on your tires which can cause a flat the next time you drive.)

Chock Your Wheels & Unhitch

Once your trailer is in the right place and laterally level, it’s time to make sure it stays in place. Start by using blocks or wheel chocks to secure the wheels in place. Place your chocks in front and behind each wheel. Then, disconnect the wiring harnesses that connect your trailer and tow vehicle and use the hitch jack to unhitch the trailer from the ball joint on the tow vehicle hitch. Drive the tow vehicle clear away and park it somewhere nearby.

Level Front to Back

Next, you’ll want to level your trailer from front to back. The best way to do this is to use the jack on the front of your trailer to raise or lower the hitch. You can keep the level on the hitch as you get closer to level so that you can lower or raise it perfectly into place. Once the bubble is in the center window of your level, you’re good to go. It can be helpful to check the lateral one more time to make sure everything stayed in place.


Once it’s in the right place and level, it’s time to stabilize your trailer. Most trailers are equipped with stabilizers on the four corners of the trailer. Deploy these using the bar provided for screwing them into place. Simply lower the stabilizer until it puts just a little bit of pressure on the ground. Don’t put too much pressure on it or you could throw the level off your trailer. Deploy all the stabilizers and then walk around to make sure they’re all still in firmly in place. Then check your level one more time to make sure everything is how you want it.

As you get faster at this process, it could take as little as five or ten minutes, and when you’re ready to check out some new trailers, stop by Get-Away RV. We’re located in Abbotsford, British Columbia near Langley and Surrey. Give us a call today

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